football table project ideas

football table project ideas

As part of our Artist Designer: Maker course, we have been set a side project of designing and making our own custom miniature football table. I don’t have much experience with miniature football tables so I don’t have a clear base idea of what they look like, however this may serve to be a benefit seeing as we can design the table to be as individual as we like. Despite this, I will have to do more research into designs, these were just vague ideas I had over a lunchtime.
I’m interested in the idea of the “pitch” area itself being more dynamic and interesting, and if possible I would like to make the ball create some sort of pattern. My initial idea was using iron filings under a thin sheet, with a magnet inside the ball to create patterns like an etch-a-sketch, but I’m not sure how feasible this is as I imagine the magnetic pull between the ball and the filings would slow the ball down.


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