Tent London: Art, Design, Craft

On Friday we went on a trip to visit Tent London which was part of the London design festival to have a look at some of the fascinating and innovating designs which should serve as inspiration for our work and what we can achieve. Whilst we were there we were told to look for pieces which sum up “art”, “design” and “craft” respectively, and these are the ones that struck me most.

Art: Lizzie Mary Cullen


I actually saw this illustration in an art magazine around a year ago, and was struck at the time by it. The warped and distorted skyline and building is striking, and I find very interesting being able to observe a familiar scene in a completely new manner, and I admire the artist for being able to interpret her surroundings in a way that I don’t think I’m capable of. The fact that the focal point of the shard itself is pure white, and is only visible due to the intricate detail surrounding it.

I actually met and spoke to Lizzie Mary Cullen at the Tent exhibition, whilst she was drawing a mural on a chalk board inside and I recognised her work. I told her that I had always admired her illustrations and she seemed very pleased, although I didn’t talk for long as I didn’t want to interrupt her work. It is always surreal when you meet and artist whose work you admire and find out they are just another person, which gives me hope that I can reach that level too.

Design:  T:REFORM


While there were lots of different types of furniture at the Tent show, these lights especially caught my eye. I always find the use of clean, white light appealing and that combined with nature is particularly pleasing. T:REFORM use reclaimed wood that was going to be discarded or sold for firewood, and use it in innovative and creative designs for furnishings. The only aspect I dislike about these birch wood lights is the cables hanging from them. If they were cable free I think they would be far more appealing, perhaps battery powered. While this might be more inconvenient having to change the batteries I think it would look more organic

Craft: KWINstudio


This series of vessels struck me as “craft” as they are clearly hand crafted, and they are not entirely functional. That’s not to say that craft can’t be functional, but I feel that’s more an aspect of design, and these vessels are not necessarily made to be used for drinking out of but as objects in their own right. They are un-uniform and the small hoops covering the surface aren’t symetrical or evenly distributed, and that gives each object a certain charm and personality. The separation between rough and smooth surfaces also creates a very distinctive character, and this is changed by the height and shape of the separation


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