Exploration of matierials group project

ImageAt the start of the course as part of a bonding exercise and exploration of materials, we were put into groups with a separate material (wood, paper, wire or clay) and asked to create something that expresses the qualities of that material.

Our group chose paper, and I was originally thinking of creating more of an abstract object, perhaps using a combination of paper pulp and then semi transparent wet paper. However the other members of my group wanted to go for a more fashion related aspect which used different textures and surfaces so we decided to work on that idea


Personally, I have very little experience in fashion and didn’t feel like I could contribute towards the design of a dress, and so I decided my best use of time would be to do something laborious and intricate while the others focused on the main body of the dress. I was still thinking about the delicate quality of paper, and we found this semi translucent brown paper which was perfect for the lace pattern I was thinking of. Given more time I could happily have continued to work into them, adding more patterns, although ideally I would like to have some lace references to work from.ImageImage


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