Workshop – Laser cutting – Mameshiba

ImageToday we had a short induction into laser cutting, and got to make something for ourselves afterwards!

The laser cutters can etch and cut through various different materials (paper, wood, card, acrylic, slate). I used 5mm fluorescent acrylic , however it cannot cut at different depths. It’s important to make sure that you calibrate the laser with a small clip on attachment, making sure that the base of the attachment rests on top of the surface. The bed can be raised or lowered using the control panel, and you then need to press “reset” to return the laser to it’s starting position.

We use CorelDraw to create our image/object, and I simply pasted my image from google imagesImage, cropping off the words and placing it in a circle. I originally wanted to cut out the shape on it’s own rather than in a circle, but I wasn’t entirely familiar with the software (and neither was the tech dem) and so couldn’t work out how to do it.

The laser cutter differentiates between engraving and cutting by setting objects as “RASTA” and “Hairline” respectively. When printing the image you can choose for the laser cutter to register just the RASTA or the Hairlines, or both. I needed to use the hairline setting after the machine doing both engraving and cutting, as it had not completely cut out the first time but I didn’t want to re-engrave the image.






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