Field – The City – Starting point

For our field project, we have been given the brief of “the city”, within which we have three subtopics which give us a more specific starting point. These subtopics were “Hidden City” “Power and Technology” and “Migration”. I am currently leaning towards power and technology, as I feel hidden city could easily become very cliched, as could migration by taking them both very literally. Power and technology to me is a main aspect of a city, with it being an integral part of all our day to day lives. Power could also suggest politics and social structures, and I think it’s useful that this subtopic has the potential the branch out if I hit a dead end of ideas later.
I like the idea of people using technology as a means to interact with other people within the city. Usually when people talk about “the city” it conjures up images of large grey buildings with cars beeping and people rushing around being caught up by the hustle and bustle of the city, disregarding eachother and their surroundings. However, having lived in Cardiff my entire life I have never seen this sterotypical city that people describe. Perhaps it is true of parts of London or New York, but even so I think that a city is a great place of opportunity and a gathering of people who still enjoy the same fundamental interactions with each other and the world as every body else. Not only this but “the city” doesn’t even necessarily need to be focused around buildings or architecture, and especially not so in a negative sense. Some of the buildings (both new and old) around Cardiff are very beautiful and come with a sense of history or importance, although I don’t think architecture will be my main focus in the project.


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