Field – City groupwork – Research – Anthony McCall

Whilst talking about ways in which we can change a person’s perspective of a room or a space, myself and Ethan were reminded of a piece of work we saw at the London Light show which we visited on Foundation together. The artist Anthony McCall uses projectors and smoke in a dark room in order to create beams of light which seem to become solid, completely changing the structure and nature of a space.

arts-graphics-slid_1194065a LFF4P-Photograph01(col)web mccall_1840903bThis is an interesting way of changing someone’s sensory experience, giving them the impression of having something tangible to touch that has no physical form. The pieces in my mind really do focus on the sensation on touch, more than say sound or even vision as when you are in the room you very strongly feel the need to interact and reach out into these beams of light, and you are given immediate feedback on your touch by the shadows thrown.


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