Field – The City – Thoughts

So far I have been looking at the theme of power and technology in the city, and I have come to the conclusion that  I want to look at the idea of making an interactive piece of work that can be put out into the city. I’m not entirely sure in what form that interactivity will come in, but I would like it to respond to something personal about the user. This could be their touch, their voice perhaps, breath? Maybe just their presence? But I would like the user to feel like they have made some form of connection with the object, whether that is a passing affection or something more intimate such as Chloe Shaw’s “This Living Hand”, but something more than just walking past a statue in the town center. I want to make an object of some form and put it out into the city, in order to enrich people’s experience of the city and to appreciate it isn’t just a dreary concrete jungle. Ideally it would be nice to make something that allows groups of people who don’t know each other to interact with each other, but it could also be a more personal experience that people approach individually. This could be difficult however if it is something I am placing in a public area, as people are less likely to be open to a meaningful experience when they are surrounded by people in open space. Maybe I should focus more on creating something groups of people can enjoy?

field 1


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