Field – City groupwork – Research – This Living Hand

This is a piece that we were shown in a lecture over a month ago, and I has firmly lodged itself in my mind. It is called “This Living Hand” by the artist Chloe Shaw, and I find it completely captivating. After seeing it I immediately thought “I want one so much” and started thinking about how I could incorporate this into my work, if not blatantly steal this idea. I felt as if I had a bond with the object despite never having held it myself, and I think I was projecting myself onto the person holding it and imagining that I had been the one experiencing it. And that in itself is the nature of this object, it draws you in, only revealing it’s true nature after you dedicate your time and energy to it (energy in a very literal sense) and there is something so unusual about an object demanding something back from you.

We are so used to having everything reveal its nature to us without really having to put any time or effort into discerning it, and when you do it is mostly an intellectual matter, whereas here you have to physically handle the object and devote your time to it. When it then does become clear to you it is fully revealed, there is no trick or need to research the reference of “it’s living hand” to appreciate that it is a beautiful object that has responded to the heat of your skin alone.

This is something I would love to use in my work at some point, which could be the use of thermochromic paint, but more widely the idea of an object that looks innocuous and unremarkable until you take the time to interact with it in a very personal way.


One Comment on “Field – City groupwork – Research – This Living Hand”

  1. […] Personally, I would like to create something that is satisfying to hold in the hand, seeing as these are not pins or attached to ribbons like traditional medals. Also, I still find myself strongly influenced by the piece we were shown last year by Chloe Shaw, “This Living Hand”, and you can read my previous post on it here. […]

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