Field – City groupwork – Research – Venice Biennale, Korea

Another suggestion by Ingrid to look at in relation to our group project is the Korean pavilion of the Venice Biennale 2013. While I did attend the Venice Biennale 2013, I didn’t happen to visit the Korean pavilion as there was so much to see we couldn’t possibly see it all in the time we were there. The Korean pavilion had been completely coated in a plastic film which refracts all light creating rainbow patterns.

designboom_kimsooja-korean-pavilion-at-the-venice-art-biennale-08 gallery2 kimsooja-korean-pavilion-venice-art-biennale-designboom kimsooja-to-breathe-bottari-venice-art-biennale-designboom03

The visitors walk around the pavilion surrounded by this overwhelming sensory experience of being surrounded by light, and are then lead into an anechoic chamber where they are deprived of light and sound. This is designed to represent the yin and yan of the human spirit, allowing you to appreciate how light is an extension of darkness with both allowing for tranquillity and reflection, as well as overload and stress. This combination of overload and deprivation as a form of reflection seems like a perfect way of incorporating our two contrasting ideas within the group, and perhaps is something we can work into the project.


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