Field – The City – Interactive piece thoughts

From looking at other artist’s work I have decided that a piece that is intractable via touch, but not a touch screen, is what I want to work on. I would like it to light up in response to touch, and for there to perhaps be a variety of different coloured shapes, each with their own individual colour rather than something changeable such as Raphael Daden’s painting with light piece (number 6 on my petcha kutcha). I’d like them to be in a public space, but in an area where people are forced to interact with such as on doors rather than somewhere it can be easily avoided like an open wall. If it then reacted to someone’s presence nearby so that they realise it is an interactive piece, and came into full display once they touched it? I assume this can be done using arduino, and we were told to be ambitious with our projects so I’m hoping that someone can teach me how to set this system up and that it won’t be too complicated.



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