Field – City groupwork – Week 2

As a group I think we are all finding this project pretty trying, and has been said “it’s like we’re moving two steps forward, one step back”. I feel like that is an accurate analogy, and every time we seem to be focusing in on a key point or idea, it seems to slip away just before we can grasp it and we’re left more confused than before. I think we had finally become clear as a group on looking into the idea of sensory deprivation, however we had a new member join the group who was more interested in sensory overload. Sensory overload and deprivation are very similar in some respects, and there can be crossovers between them so I wasn’t concerned by our theme changing, however it was like being back at square one all over again.

We seem to have plenty of research material that interests us and was shared, but fall short when it comes to ideas for final outcomes that we can agree on. This isn’t helped by the fact that we are easily distracted as a group and can have trouble sitting down and focusing for long periods of time, especially when ideas are running thin. This was evident when we were asked to create a presentation of our ideas to show to other groups, and we spent a lot of time procrastinating as it is very difficult to pin down our ideas between ourselves let alone to explain to others.

Our feedback reflected this, with people largely saying that the theme was strong and interesting, but wanted to know what our ideas for outcomes were, and all the questions the other groups posed to us were already questions which we were asking ourselves. This was disappointing in terms of feedback as it wasn’t much help to us, although we should have been clearer in our presentation saying why we had ruled out certain aspects (e.g looking at light/sound/touch rather than smell/taste).

While presenting our ideas it seemed to those of our group who were there that perhaps sensory deprivation was the better direction to be looking at, which again feels like we are getting closer to an idea but further away once again, and this could all change next time we have a full group discussion.


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