Field – The City – More thoughts on Interactivity


Considering this work is going to be in a public space, I don’t think it makes much sense for it to be a wholly individual experience, as in cardiff town center it is very rare for you to be entirely alone. I think a good way of getting people to interact through the piece, is maybe two corresponding walls which react to each other. This allows people the satisfaction of interacting with another person, without the awkwardness of seeing them face to face.

If this could then turn into a game, with people responding back and forth with each other it could become a very enjoyable and entertaining experience. The question is, while one person shouldn’t be able to see the other, should they be able to see that there is a corresponding wall nearby? If perhaps they were one two sides of the same wall, they could interact without seeing each other, but then have the option of going around to the other side and meeting the person they have been playing with. Or perhaps it is better for them to not see each other, or at least have to do a little more searching to find the corresponding wall that is nearby, but not visible from where you are standing



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