Field – The City – Research – Wendy Keay Bright

One of the artists that Ingrid suggested I look at during our tutorial was Dr.Wendy Keay Bright, who is in fact a member of staff for Cardiff Metropolitan University. She is involved in many projects for creating interactive apps designed for people with autism, which include “Somantics” and “ReacTickles”. These projects involve interactive “games” which can be downloaded onto an ipad, or projected onto a wall, and are then interacted with using the body creating shapes, colours, or patterns based on the user’s movement.




These games are stimulating and engaging, without being too demanding which is perfect for people with severe autism. They consist of very simple rules which are easy to figure out to anybody who picks them up, and have no defined end point or goal other than to be enjoyable. This is something I would very much like to use in my work, however after my current setback I’m not sure how viable a technology or app based project is given my limited time and knowledge on the subject. Perhaps I could take the basic principle of being easily adopted and discarded at will, and responds to your behaviour in some sort of physical object.


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