Field – City groupwork – Presentation

So the time had come to present the sum of our ideas as a group in front of all the other groups and the tutors, and I think we did reasonably well at doing so. Our powerpoint was a very simple collection of pieces of source material and research we had looked at during the project, as well as a few videos of influential work such as Susan Philipsz “Lowlands” and Alvin Lucier’s “I am sitting in a room”, which were used more as reminders and demonstrations of the kind of ideas we had been thinking about. Myself and Ethan did most of the talking (although Ethan spoke more than me) outlining our general ideas and interests in human interaction and senses, with the other members of the group contributing when their area of contribution came up such as Sam taking recordings of soundscapes in the city and looping them to create a demo of our instillation. Between the audio made by Sam and the visual mock ups made by me and Jadene, as well as sketches on the power point I think we made our proposal very clear and afterwards the feedback I got from other groups was that they had all found ours a very interesting project. It seemed to me that our group and had made the most conceptual piece from all the other groups, and this is something I am very happy with as I was concerned that we were going to end up with something very basic.

Jadene's soundproofing mockup

Jadene’s soundproofing mockup


You can listen to the sound mock up here


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