Field – City groupwork – Reflections

Overall, I have to say that the groupwork has been a struggle. Rather than being a coming together of a group of enthusiastic and creative people from different fields, it often felt like a group of people who weren’t particularly interested, focused or driven by this project (myself included) and that couldn’t agree on a subject or how to execute it. I think I assumed the role as “group leader” with Ethan being my second in command, however this lead  to plenty of times where I felt like I’d “lost control” of the group, and feeling the stress of trying to reign everybody in. It sometimes felt like we either had a complete lack of ideas, or an abundance of ideas but which were very naive and that I really incorporate into our work. I think this was largely because I felt like the original idea for the project was based on my ideas, looking at interaction within the city but with it being flipped on it’s head becoming sensory deprivation rather than an enjoyable sensory experience. I also feel like I was largely responsible with the idea of using human generated noise such as footsteps and the voice which becomes distorted, and the design of the set up being circular in order to allow people to generate this noise. Because of this, I had a very clear idea in mind of how I wanted the outcome to look and sound, and found it difficult to be happy with the other group member’s outcomes because they were not what I envisaged. It seemed as if often people would contribute ideas without much thought or reasoning behind it, for the sake of having contributed and I then felt like I should concede to some of these ideas because I didn’t want people to think that I wasn’t listening to their input. I suppose this is the difficulty of having a very high concept based piece, especially when other members aren’t used to considering work in a so concept heavy manner. Another difficulty in the group was a lack of regular contact with other members. I attended almost all of the meetings, where as some group members were less regular or didn’t contribute when they were there. This became very frustrating at times, especially during crucial points such as preparing for our presentation.

Despite all this, I am pleased with our outcome and even though it is not entirely as I imagined it I suppose I can’t expect it to while working in a group, and it certainly didn’t get as subverted as it was looking to be at certain points. However I wouldn’t say this group project has in any way fed into or informed my individual project, aside from the fact it investigates similar themes but in a very different respect. Although because of this much of the research I have done can cross into my individual project as much of it relates to the idea of human interaction, even if it isn’t in the sense that I am looking at for my individual.


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