Life drawing, male and female session

This week we had two models, Andy, who runs the Cardiff Life Model Collective (and he also has a blog you can visit) and organises these life drawing sessions, and a new model Sapphira. Andy and Sapphira took it in turns to model, considering this was her first session and so it allowed her a bit of guidance. This was great for the people drawing it too, as it’s always interesting to have two models posing together.

Drawn on brown paper, using Derwent colour pencils and fine line pen

2 minute drawings



life drawing015

life drawing016

5 minute drawings

life drawing017

I think these two have ended up being inadvertently squashed to fit the page..

20 minute drawing


30 minute drawing

life drawing019


One Comment on “Life drawing, male and female session”

  1. […] session modelling unaccompanied, you can see her first session where she modelled with Andy in my other post. A fairly standard session, but a successful one I think in terms of my drawings. As ever, Derwent […]

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