Field – The City – More technical difficulties

I am currently having a lot of problems which are looking like I’m not going to be able to complete my work to anywhere near what I would consider a finished standard.
I originally planned to make lots and lots of glazed, handmade ceramic marbles, and to place them in the city in a wide, flat handmade dish so that they were open to be interacted with by the public, and to film these interactions that I have a document of the work. It is looking at this point that the marbles aren’t even going to be able to be glazed.
I was intending to go into university over the Easter period as we had a month off, and I live in Cardiff and wanted to be productive. However I came in several times during the first week of the holiday, and was repeatedly told by tutors and tech dems that “you’re not supposed to be here” and that “we’re very busy with the MA students”, which I appreciate is true, and so I didn’t come in the rest of the holiday as I didn’t want to be a bother and figured that they would be less busy (or at least more receptive) once we were officially back in uni. However this doesn’t seem to have been the case, and people are in fact more busy than ever.
It hadn’t quite dawned on me that our deadline for this field project was just over a week coming back from Easter (which is my own fault for not being as aware of the dates as I should have been), but I’m coming to the realisation that there isn’t way that I’ll get my work done in time for the deadline. I spent the Monday we came back mostly panicking, and trying to organise a plan for what I needed to do during the week, and then panicking more because I hadn’t done anything productive that day. Tuesday I went to the ceramics room to see about getting my marbles biscuit fired, and while taking the marbles over realised I had made far far more than I could ever concivably glaze in the time I have left, so only took maybe a 1/3 of them to be fired.

I'm only taking the marbles in the box to be fired, the rest on my desk shall remain as they are

I’m only taking the marbles in the box to be fired, the rest on my desk shall remain as they are

I then spent the rest of the day sharpening lengths of kiln wire into points in order to make a stand to glaze the marbles on, but it took all day to make enough spikes to cover half an A4 slab of clay, which won’t hold even half of the marbles that I left to be fired (which wasn’t anywhere near the full amount to begin with). I also tried to look for either of my tutors to talk about my situation, but couldn’t find them all day. Wednesday I felt my time would be better spent working on the blog at home, seeing as the workshop is only open for the mornings on a wednesday and my hands were still quite raw from making metal spikes the whole day previously, and I think I’m probably better off at this point trying to make a very clear proposal of what my work was intended to be, rather than the actual current outcome of a box of unglazed marbles. Today (Thursday) I didn’t end up going into uni due to some home issues with my mother, and have been working on this blog again. A friend of mine in ceramics has told me that there are no more bisque firings this week, which I would need to do with my spiked base in order to fire the glazed marbles, and I don’t think anyone is willing to give me a glaze induction the week before everyone’s project deadline (and I’m not sure there is any room in any of the glaze firings anyway from what she said). I did try and bring it up with Matt the ceramics when asking about the kiln schedule, but his response was “we are very busy with the ceramics students at the moment” which is fair, and I should have arranged all this before easter, but nevertheless means that there aren’t many options for me at the moment. Tomorrow I hope to be able to find one of my tutors in order to discuss the situation, and work out how I can best move forward. I’ll collect the marbles which I assume have been bisque fired (I was told “we’ll try and fit them in if there’s room”). and see if there’s anything I can do with them. Also I’ll scan some of my sketches relating to the project so I can put them up on the blog and have everything Field related together in one place.
There’s certainly a lesson in time management here somewhere.


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