Field – The City – Fired Marbles

Luckily it seems the ceramics people had time and room in the kiln to be able to biscuit fire the marbles that I left them. Though any small hope I had that I might be able to glaze them is well and truly gone, considering it is Friday today, the university is shut on Monday and then our deadline is Tuesday.

But at least they’re biscuit fired, I guess? Slightly more progress than a bunch of unfired marbles.

IMAG1259Also, they very conveniently made a rough bowl to fire my marbles in (considering I left them in a box), although I do hope I didn’t inconvenience whoever it was who went to the trouble of making a bowl because everyone is very busy at the moment. But this is good news for me at least seeing as I originally intended to make a bowl to display the marbles in. Note: I do not take ANY credit for this bowl, it was not made by me, but in terms of demonstration I do now have a 3D representation of how I wanted my marbles to be displayed.



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