Life drawing, Sapphira

Today was Sapphira’s first session modelling unaccompanied, you can see her first session where she modelled with Andy in my other post. A fairly standard session, but a successful one I think in terms of my drawings. As ever, Derwent colour pencils on brown paper with occasional fine line pen

2 minute drawings

life drawing033

life drawing034

life drawing035

5 minute drawing

life drawing036

10 minute drawings

life drawing037

life drawing038

20 minute drawing

life drawing039

30 minute drawing

life drawing040

There’s something I’m not entirely happy with this picture.. I think the head might be ever so slightly too large? Or the foreshortening on the legs isn’t quite right and makes them look too small? I’m not sure.. but it’s certainly not the worst picture I’ve ever drawn at any rate


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