La Perdrix rube goldberg ideas

During our trip to La Perdrix we had to come up with our own ideas for a week long project. I personally wanted to create our own musical instruments (which frustratingly, the group that came the week after us got to do), but our group instead settled on a Rube Goldberg machine. The idea was suggested by Anna (click here to visit her blog) in our group who had been working on a project all around rube goldberg machines. If you want to look at her post specifically on her part of the machine you can find it here

“A Rube Goldberg machine is a contraption, invention, device or apparatus that is deliberately over-engineered or overdone to perform a very simple task in a very complicated fashion, usually including a chain reaction. The expression is named after American cartoonist and inventor Rube Goldberg”

These can range from small and relatively simple in it’s components, to filling warehouses made of hundreds of complex parts. Here’s a compilation of some more simplistic ones:

and here’s a much more complicated one in the form of a music video:

We all gathered round on the floor and started planning


My ambitious plan for the machine was to create a dragon sculpture to symbolise Wales for the marble to roll through, possibly moving some wings as it passes through the body

dragon 3


dragon 4


However I had a bit of trouble when it came to working out the mechanics of it all

dragon 1


dragon 5




dragon 2


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