Wailmer beanbag – more progress

I’ve done a bit more work on the beanbag, although it’s not quite completed, it’s certainly taking a more recognisable form. The aim is to make a wailmer (which is a pokemon)








I ordered more beans, seeing as the two 2.5 feet cubed bags I purchased from Hobbycraft were nowhere near enough, as well as being almost the double the price of beans I bought online. I bought a 6 cubic feet bag from here on amazon, which was a pretty good price as well as already coming in a round netted bag that you would find inside a beanbag from a shop. If I was making a beanbag in future I will buy a bag of beans first (in netting) and then build around it, rather than trying to transfer beans from one bag into another, which is an absolute nightmare. Also, as a note, I had a lot of problems when it came to ordering beans, because most bags were listed in x cubic feet, but hobbycraft’s bags were x feet cubed, and I had a lot of trouble figuring out if these were the same measurements or not. What I gathered after an extensive talk between two of my friends who studied mathematics (and watching them argue between themselves) what I have concluded is that while there is a TECHNICAL difference between the two, they are often interchanged because people don’t realise, and so the bags I got from hobbycraft and the bag I ordered online were using the same scale.

IMAG1608 This is the 6 cubic feet bag, which was half the amount of beans I needed. I hope you’re beginning to realise the scale of this, I know I am.







IMAG1609 I sewed up the lining of the bag that I had made, leaving a hole to funnel the beans into. I then made a makeshift funnel out of cardboard (I figured the polystyrene balls would get a lot of static on a plastic funnel), and proceeded to shovel/funnel beans from the bag into the lining… This was extremely tedious and frustrating, and by no means recommended. Just buy a bag the right size, and build around it.

Once the lining was full, I sewed up the hole





IMAG1623 I then began working on the outside cover (the actual wailmer bit), and I measured this with 50 as the radius rather than 42, just to give it a bit of looseness to be able to take it on and off easily. I did not make two of these, as only the top surface needs to be blue.







IMAG1625 Rather than working out the length of the strips going around the middle mathematically as I did with the lining, I just stretched the fabric around the body to see how much I would need.





IMAG1626 While I originally planned to make the top half all blue and the bottom half all tan, I feel like it works better with just the back half of the top section being blue, leaving room for the teeth on the other side.





IMAG1630I then made another circle for the bottom half, again 50 cm radius







IMAG1631 I cut the strip for the mid section based on the length I measured around the beanbag.  I made this 40cm wide as I wanted the stomach to be visible seeing as it will mostly be on the floor.








IMAG1632 I then attached the strip to the circle as I did with the lining bag. I only needed to plaid the one side, which will be the front side and then they can double as the stripes on wailmer’s stomach.





IMAG1634quick look at the beanbag with the covers on so far. Definitely resembling a wailmer a bit more!







IMAG1635I cut another strip to go around the top front half of the wailmer. I will then attach the mouth over this, as I thought if I just used the white mouth fabric the red lining would be too obvious. It looks pretty scruffy at the moment, but it is inside out showing the seams, hopefully it will look tidier once it’s finished.




IMAG1639I then stitched the plaids in place with a black line of thread, which also makes it look more like a wailmer’s stomach



















IMAG1641 a look at the finished bottom half on the beanbag, although the photo’s a bit blurry







IMAG1628 Then I set to work on making the fins, luckily I had the perfect amount of fabric left







IMAG1629 I wanted the “fingers” to have a nice thickness to them, so I added an extra strip between the two sides of the fins.






IMAG1642In order to get the more sectioned  effect of the fingers, I made the strip out of four separate pieces which I then sewed together.






IMAG1643After sewing the strip in place, I then sewed black lines stretching out from the fin sections that were visible in the strip, down the length of the fin, again to make it look more like the image of wailmer with his “fingers”








IMAG1644 Mostly finished fin, just need to buy some stuffing to fill them with now before attaching them to the main body.


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