Wailmer beanbag – Finishing touches!








My work has finally paid off, after a last push of working the wailmer beanbag is finally finished! Here’s the final steps in making it.

For the first set of steps as I was working on it go to this blog post, and for the second set of steps go to the next blog post

IMAG1685 I cut another strip of tan fabric to go across the top section of the wailmer’s stomach/mouth area and I then cut a white strip of the same size for the teeth. Having the tan strip underneath stops the red lining showing through the teeth, as well as making the shape hold better, and the stomach extends towards the top of the corners of the mouth. This is all only pinned into place at this point



IMAG1686 I adjusted the white fabric so that it had the curved grinning teeth shape ontop of the tan stomach






IMAG1687 I unpinned the top tan strip with the teeth from the body of the wailmer, and then tacked the white teeth fabric in place









IMAG1688 I stitched black horizontal lines along the white fabric for the toothy grin







IMAG1690 I then sewed around the edge of the teeth with white thread, removed the tacking, and attached the tan strip with the teeth on onto the rest of the body






IMAG1692 Look at that grin! It only looks SLIGHTLY sinister.. Still needs its eyes and fins though!







IMAG1693It’s pretty large! perfect wailmer size










IMAG1700 I folded over the edges of the back area of the wailer, which I left unattached to each other so that the lining with the beans inside can be taken in and out if need be. I tacked these edges in place





IMAG1701 Stitching the back edge in place










IMAG1703 I bought a pack of snap fasteners in order to close the back of the beanbag.

NOTE: I have found that when anyone sits on the beanbag, all the fasteners unsnap, so I’m going to have to replace them with buttons. If you’re making a beanbag, I would recommend a zip (which I didn’t use because I couldn’t find a zip large enough) or failing that, buttons.






IMAG1704 These are the instructions for applying snap fasteners, in case you’re interested









IMAG1708 If you’re wondering why the top fastener is facing outwards, it was so that when fastened it would be hidden.

I don’t know if I had put the top fasteners facing inwards instead, perhaps the fasteners wouldn’t unsnap as they would be pulled in a different direction when the fabric becomes taught. This might not be the case however, and buttons/zips are an all around better option.


IMAG1710 I wasn’t sure what size buttons would look best for the eyes so I bought a few different sizes. I was doing my best not to make the beanbag look sinister, but ever since watching Coraline I can’t help but feel a little uneasy..





coraline-creepy-button-eyes I can’t explain why it’s unnerving, but it really is.






IMAG1711 The largest eyes look a little bit creepy in my opinion







IMAG1713 Medium sized eyes








IMAG1714 I settled on the smallest eyes in the end, and put them on upside down in order to reduce the Coraline effect as much as possible






IMAG1715 Now that the body’s done, I pinned the fins in place on the sides of the body.







IMAG1716 Pins in place.

I had to wait a while before I could stuff the fins, because I was waiting for the stuffing I ordered online to be delivered. In the meantime, I took some photos of my mostly finished beanbag















Massive wailmer sat in my bedroom


IMAG1733 Also, if you were wondering, this is what 10 kilos of stuffing looks like. It’s an awful lot. But it means I could finally stuff the fins!









IMAG1734 After stuffing the fins, and then sewing them in place, the wailmer is finally done! I will take some proper photos of the finished product tomorrow, and put them in their own blog post




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