Constellation – level 5

As we have started in our second year of uni, we have progressed onto “level 5”, and with it comes a new set of criteria and expectations for our work. This is also true for constellation, our theory and lecture based work where we are expected to hone and practice our critical analysis and reflective skills in response to artists or ideas presented to us in lectures.

One thing I hope to do this year is to be more organized, and keep up to date with my blog and generally on top of and up to date with things going on in uni. So far, this isn’t going as well as I’d hoped, but I think I’m agonizingly making some progress and at the very least I’m not kicking it into the long grass. I have in fact bought myself a planner, although I’m finding it’s not quite as helpful as I had first hoped due to it’s undynamic nature. I feel a smart phone app would probably suit my needs better, but my phone is completely hopeless so for the moment I will have to make do with an old fashioned book.


Today our lecturer went over a few things such as the importance of reflecting on our blogs, but also our dissertations which are becoming ever imminent. “The sooner you start thinking about them, the better”, which is slightly daunting because at this point I don’t really have a huge amount of thought on the subject as of now. It will probably, as everything seems to do in my life, link back into the idea of connections and intimacy between people. But as to the problem of how do I express that in this format (again, an ongoing struggle) is as ever, a difficult one.

In terms of what format I will present my dissertation in, we have several options. I am torn between a classic dissertation, 8,000-10,000 words investigating a hypothesis or question, and an object based dissertation where you create an object and then write 6,000 words discussing that object and it’s meaning. Another potential choice is the business plan, which seems like a very useful platform to leave university with a fully functioning business ready to create and start generating income. However, I don’t have any business ideas, which is a key flaw in that plan.


In terms of where I am at the moment, I feel the overwhelming need to research. I am not the sort of person who can jump into an idea head first without a clear idea of what I’m doing and how I need to approach things. This is true in my Subject course as well as Constellation. However it has been difficult to get the ball rolling with my subject research as the books I want are already taken out. This is a frustrating problem that seems to permeate through a lot of my working life, where I have to motivation and enthusiasm to start working, but then barriers are put in my way and I find it difficult to push through them and have to same amount of enthusiasm when I come out the other side. I suppose that is just an aspect of life that everybody encounters, and you simply have to learn how to navigate or deal with those problems, but it can be frustrating nonetheless.


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