BAMS – Medal project – Idea sketches

I have decided that my medals will be designed around capturing the idea of intimacy between two people. This is a subject that I have approached in the past on my foundation and seems to drive a lot of my work, as it is something that I feel is very powerful and that I want to share with people. When I say the word “intimacy”, this does not refer to sexuality, and none of my work is related to sexuality, but merely the closeness and warmth shared through a connection between two people or beings.

With this in mind, I’m looking at the idea of having two medals which fit together in order to touch. Each medal is concave, with the inside surface on one medal being the palm of a hand, and inside the other outreaching fingers, so that when they are closed the fingers rest touching the palm, yet this cannot be seen by the viewer.

Scan 4 copy

Scan 5

I am also considering the use of text on the outside of the medals as currently the surface would be blank. However this brings up the problem of what to write. There’s a fine line between being meaningful and being pretentious, as well as the question of whether to use my own words or to take an extract from a book or a famous quote. I am also considering documenting things said during these close moments that I experience with other people, however with that being my agenda it does have the danger of me engineering situations and it no longer being organic.


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