BAMS – Medal project – Rethinking design

After a group meeting where we looked at and evaluated each other’s work so far, it was pointed out to me that the fingers stroking a palm isn’t a very natural gesture. While I can see the point that they’re making, this gives me troubles because there’s not many parts of the body that are recognizable to cast as a section the size of a medal, with a reasonably flat surface. It has been suggested to me parts of the face, and the lips, but I think the lips have far too many sexual connotations, and areas such as the cheek are not very distinctive. Thinking about these moments of closeness, they are often part of the whole body such as a hug, leaning against a person’s shoulder, sitting with your legs comfortably next to one another. I decided very early on that I didn’t want an illustrative medal with simply a picture of two people together, and I feel like casting parts of the body is an important part of the medal so that the user can interact with it in the same manner.

Another issue is the problem of the medal having two sides. I have decided against having two medals which fit together, as after speaking to one of the third year maker students who did a two part medal last year, it was rejected entry to BAMS for not fitting the medal criteria. I take this point, as I suppose my medal would become more like a locket? but I am now faced with the problem of the two separate sides of the medal. I am trying to express the touch between two people, and yet the two faces of the medal can never touch, they are always kept separate by nature. It’s almost poetic in a way. If I can figure out how to use this to my advantage then it could make the piece even stronger, however currently it is only an obstacle.

Scan copy

Scan 3 copy

One thing that has been mentioned to me is the idea of imprints and the trace of a touch, which really caught my attention. How to capture the feeling of a touch on the skin and express that visually, I think it’s going to become the main focus of these medals. My tutor Ingrid has suggested I look at Natasha Mayo, who is also a tutor in the university, and having briefly looked at her work it seems extremely relevant to me. I will have to do more in depth research into her work, and see about talking to her in person if possible

Natasha Mayo - Fragmented Figure

Natasha Mayo – Fragmented Figure


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