BAMS – Medal project – Finger design

Ever since our group feedback meeting, it has been playing on my mind the thought that fingers on the palm is “not a natural gesture”.  I have been thinking about this a lot, and while I can’t cast most areas of the body, I can cast the fingers. I know that myself I have very naturally stroked people’s fingers and hands (although I can say that’s true for palms as well), and hopefully this will be a more relatable gesture. I think one of my issues with expressing these kinda of close moments is that not everybody seems to have experienced them, especially those not in a relationship. In my opinion these are not things that need or should be experienced purely in terms of a romantic relationship, but I understand that not everyone is as comfortable with these things as I am which is why perhaps this concept is not so intuitively understandable to them as it is to me


However I do very much like the use of the fingers as part of the medal, and think it is actually a lot more distinctive than the palm. I think the main issue with this is just making sure it is clear that the imprints on the reverse side are clearly not supposed to be the imprints that those fingers are making, and are in fact being made by a third party.

This might be resolved by a duo of medals, which is an idea that I really like. Rather than the two medals fitting together and physically touching, they are a pair which mirrors each other, with one male hand with a female touch, and the other a female hand with a male touch. I think not only will this reinforce the concept of a connection between two people, but make it evident to others that the imprints are not made by the hand on the medal

Scan 4


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