BAMS – Medal project – Plasticine modelling

After my struggles with modelling some medals with clay, I found that plasticine was a much more useful material to use. With this in mind, as well as some new design ideas, I set about making them into plasticine.



IMAG1841I found it was easiest to make the base first, and build up the fingers layer by layer, before then carving in more detail and shape


While this isn’t a basis for the final piece, and I intend for the fingers to be cast rather than sculpted, it does give me a good idea of what it will look like as a 3 dimensional piece, rather than a flat drawing, and allows me to look at the composition. I very much like the contrast between the empty space of the surface, and the diagonal line of the fingers as they reach towards the top.


I also tried out different designs and compositions, such as the fingers facing palm up rather than palm down, and changing their placing on the surface of the medal. I think this is an important factor in this design, the contrast between positive and negative space of the fingertips and the surface.


Another design I tried was with the fingers taking up almost the entire surface of the medal. In some ways I think this looks more organic, with it being a snapshot of a hand rather than deliberately placed within a frame such as the earlier designs. However, my main issue with this medal is the edge, with the much of the hand being cut of abruptly which will likely look very strange.

I definitely like the fingers on the surface of the medal, reaching to the top of the circle, and this is likely the design that I will use going forwards.


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