BAMS – Medal project – Casting fingers

While I have been prototyping my medal designs by sculpting them in plasticine, the intention has always been for the final medal to be a cast of my own fingers. In order to make a silicone mould of my fingers, I need to go through the process of making an alginate mould, in order to make a plaster positive, which I can then cast using silicone. The reason I can’t cast my hands directly from silicone as I would with any other object, is because silicone takes 24 hours to set and so it isn’t possible to hold my hand still for that amount of time.

11059585_852935024759696_6856448843381144057_nStarting off with making the alginate mould, I first had to make a plasticine base for my hand to sit on, with a plastic wall to pour the alginate into.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESMix the alginate powder with water, for this powder I used 3 parts water to one part powder, but this may be different for different brands of powder so make sure to check on your packaging if you’re mixing alginate.

11079994_852935081426357_2108869155915985251_o11060849_852935144759684_2959098282860068173_oAfter 15 minutes the alginate will have set, and it is now ready to pour plaster into. However the main issue with alginate is that it can dry out and shrink, so it is important to try and keep it damp or submerged in water when possible to get as many uses out of it before it deforms.


From this plaster positive, I can then made the silicone mould

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESTo see the wax positives I made once the silicone had set, click here


One Comment on “BAMS – Medal project – Casting fingers”

  1. […] my first attempt at casting my hand, I realised that I would need to recast my hand a second time and make the disc base of the medal […]

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