BAMS – Medal project – Wax modelling

Now that I have my silicone mold of my hand, I can make a wax positive of my fingers to make a more accurate prototype. I was originally hoping that I could use this mold to make the final wax version for my medals, but working with them I think I’m definitely going to need to make a new cast for the final wax positives.



Thankfully I had found a spare mould of a series of discs, which were ideal for the base of my medal


Using a hot knife, I could then attach the fingers onto the surface of the discs. However, this is not as secure as I had hoped and causes difficulties with the hot wax dripping and melting, ruining the surface of either the disc or the fingers themselves, which is why I’ve decided against using these for the final waxes for the bronze casting.

11358622_857240054329193_1488392553_nHere I had a play around with the composition of the fingers on the medal. While I do like the aesthetic of the fingertips going off the edge of the medal, it would certainly make the medal much more difficult to cast. When I recast my fingers, I plan to cast them sat on top of a laser cut disc, so that when I make the wax positive it will be the fingers on top of the disc in one object rather than trying to fix two together as I’ve done here. If were to cast the fingers off the edge of the disc, I would then have to cast the underside of my fingertips which would mean making a two part mould, and making the whole process much more complex for the sake of a small aesthetic change.

Another aspect I was experimenting with using these wax prototypes was attempting to capture the imprint of touch.



After pouring the wax into the disc moulds, it was a matter of waiting them to set to the point where I can make an imprint on the surface and have it set. However, this was a very tricky process and very few of the attempts I tried were satisfactory to me. Another issue with this is that in the areas which I have scraped away with my fingers, there are very clear lines and marks where the wax has set at different speeds. Overall I think the effect is far too jagged than I would have hoped for, and while I could use the wax as a last resort it certainly isn’t the ideal material for capturing what I want.


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