BAMS – Medal project – Scale and composition thoughts

Having played around with my prototypes, I’ve found that having the fingers slightly off the surface of the medals is very visually appealing.

Scan 3However, while I do think it looks nicer it brings its own set of problems. I intend to cast the fingers on the surface of the disc as one object, rather than separately and then having the join the wax fingers and the wax disc together as I have been doing, as it brings up a lot of problems and gives rise to imperfections and added chance of things going wrong (which I want to minimise as much as possible). Casting the fingers when they are sitting square on top of the disc means that I only need a one part mold, but trying to capture the underside of the fingertips means I will probably need to do a two part mold, which makes things much more complicated in this case. There is then the issue of what the fingertips are doing. It was suggested to me that it would look nice if they were slightly gripping the surface edge of the medal, which I agree is a nice idea and would also help with unifying the two separate sides of the medal. However, I have found when I grip a medal disc in my hand this way, it changes the entire structure of my fingers with them no longer being flat to the surface but raised. Again, not only does this create more complications when casting, but I think it really changes the tone of the gesture, with it no longer being about the hands being touched but more about the fact that the fingers are holding the medal, and there isn’t any particular significance to that for me.

Because of this I have decided to just continue with the fingers being in the center of the medal surface.



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