SEED – Sedna project – Starting point

Now that our field project is finally at a close, I feel I now have time to actually get started and dedicate some time to the SEED project. I have decided to work on the SEDNA live project, which involves the use of light, as it is an area that I have never explored before and I would love to be able to effectively incorporate technology into my work. Not only this but the SEDNA project has the opportunity to be exhibited and entered in a competition created by the company to promote their use of LED lights.

However, I’m finding getting a starting point on this project a little bit tricky, considering the brief is very vague.


  • We believe our technology could be very interesting combined with art
  • LED strip in particular, is very flexible and controllable which presents lots of opportunities for incorporating it with art.
  • Last year – CSAD students made a ‘Frost Light’ a frozen illuminated drinks stand. With a controller they were able to control brightness and colour.”

To me, this is barely a brief at all, giving no real outline on what technologies need to be incorporated and in what manner, what materials I have to work with, sizes or amounts. In terms of theme there is also no clear direction aside from

  • We will look at how well you’ve incorporated artistic creativity with a clear and thought provoking political/social message.
  • The piece judged the best will be sponsored and put forward for display in an exhibition – so think about a topical and current social/political message.”

So, “something political”.. Which I suppose is a starting point, but not as strong of one as I would like.

Currently I’m purely thinking about what type of artifact I would like to make, whether it would be large or small scale, an instillation or a sculpture, and looking at how lighting has been used in other artwork. I like the idea of having a physical object or sculpture with light used as part of it, rather than purely lights on their own, but that is possibly just because of my reluctance to use unfamiliar technology.

Paige Bradley - Expansion

Paige Bradley – Expansion

Dominic and Frances Bromley - The Shoal Light

Dominic and Frances Bromley – The Shoal Light

Makoto Tojikiby - Hope and Dream, 2012

Makoto Tojikiby – Hope and Dream, 2012

Makoto Tojiki - "The Stick With Shadow", 2009

Makoto Tojiki – “The Stick With Shadow”, 2009

Having watched Blade Runner last night, this also reminds me of the umbrellas people used which very much caught my interest

Blade Runner umbrella

Blade Runner umbrella

Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett - CLOUD

Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett – CLOUD

Dodecado - unsuccessful kickstarter

Dodecado – unsuccessful kickstarter

Tara Donovan - Styrofoam Cup Sculpture

Tara Donovan – Styrofoam Cup Sculpture

Last year's winners of the sedna competition

Last year’s winners of the sedna competition

While I can’t find many details on the competition, it would seem that the winners last year created a “Frost Light” drink holder, which changes colour depending on the temperature of the drink inside the ice container. These were product design students and therefore have taken a very different direction on the project, where as I am thinking of creating something more artistic than design.


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