SEED – Sedna project – Ideas

After some thinking, I have settled on a theme for my Sedna light brief of looking at the city. “The city” is an ever present symbol of human consumption and population growth, as well as many underlying themes such as inequality, greed and gluttony. While I don’t necessarily agree that the city is such a completely negative presence or a representation of human greed, it is certainly easy to see a culture of wastage and disregard, especially in terms of energy consumption.

My initial idea is to create a ceramic sculptural piece which illustrates a cityscape, with large buildings with the windows cut out, and the insides of the hollow buildings are lined with Senda LED strips which are programmed with sensors to light up brighter and dimmer in reactance to how close people stand or the amount of people around the sculpture. This is a basic representation of energy consumption in the city, and straight forward enough so as not to take up all of my valuable time as we quickly draw towards our deadlines, but novel enough to be impressive and fulfil Sedna’s very vague brief.


My main question with this project is how to depict the city, what tone is it I want to set? I originally envisioned the sculpture as being a set of very illustrative buildings, inspired after a set of small sculptures I saw for scale in Tent London last year, simple slab built sculptures but with plenty of character. However, perhaps a more sculptural and technically accurate sculpture would be more effective? Demonstrating my sculptural skill, although this would be more time consuming.

Another question is whether or not to make this city scape specifically Cardiff. While creating it after Cardiff would allow me to do more first hand research, walking around and sketching buildings, I don’t know that Cardiff is the most representative of an over industrialised, energy wasteful city. And would modelling the cityscape after Cardiff make it less recognisable and appealing on an international stage? Although I suppose that isn’t something that I need to be concerning myself with at this point. However, would doing a more classically imposing, and perhaps a more generic city have the same effect? Making it less appealing to a competition and brief which has been launched in Cardiff with Cardiff School of Art and Design students? They might well prefer a Cardiff based cityscape. I think if I were to do a Cardiff cityscape, I would not include many of the most iconic buildings, if at all, such as the Wales Millennium Centre, so as not to make it too distinctive. Making the sculpture specifically and clearly recognisable as Cardiff would make it seem as though my message is specifically directed at Cardiff’s energy usage, rather than looking at it as an issue on the whole which is a problem in every city around the world. As well as the fact I know little to nothing about Cardiff’s specific energy usage, and where we stand on the scale of efficient to wasteful.


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