SEED – Sedna project – building sketches

After having settled on an idea for my SEED project for the company SEDNA looking at how to incorporate their LED lights into artwork, and deciding upon making a series of ceramic buildings containing lights, I then had to go away and do some sketches.

buildings 1


buildings 3buildings 2I started off with some initial sketches of the city and buildings that I felt would be relevant to my designs. This was a mixture of large scale more industrial buildings, as well as more standard houses. However, when doing first hand sketches of this type I found it was difficult and time consuming to find relevant buildings, and when I did find them they were often obscured or at an angle that was difficult to draw in a way which I can that can be used as a useful reference later.

I do feel that it is important for my piece to have a combination of both large buildings and housing, because while I think large industrial buildings are often what gives people a sense of “the city”, and are often seen as being the source or a beacon of our wasteful energy use and man’s domination over nature, such as in Evan Hobart’s work, it is important that we do not scapegoat them and forget that our own day to day energy use inside our home is collectively one of the largest contributors to our carbon footprint.

Evan Hobart - "The smell of the world is burnt" - 2012

Evan Hobart – “The smell of the world is burnt” – 2012


After my difficulties with sketching on location I decided to do some sketches using pictures online as a reference. This allowed me to more quickly and easily search for buildings which specifically suited my needs and the design that I was looking for. In terms of design I find myself drawn to more modernist buildings, with a very clean aesthetic with small areas of colour, contrasted against the more classical British houses. While I do not want my piece to be recognisably Cardiff, I am happy with them being recognisably British, although this may just be due to the fact these are the designs of house I am familiar with and so it is natural for this to reflect in my work.

buildings 5

buildings 4

buildings 6

buildings 7

buildings 9

buildings 8

From this I then began designing my own buildings and cityscape, looking particularly at the colours and designs that I could use on the larger apartment block buildings. I want to capture the modernist design, but yet for to still fit with the surrounding houses. I think having a set and reasonably limited pallet of glazes that I use across all the buildings will be an important part of making them cohesive with one another.

buildings 10




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