SEED – Sedna project – building houses

Working from my series of sketches, I set about making a series of slab built houses out of clay. While I enjoy sculpting out of clay, slab building is something I’m not so familiar with and prefer (what I feel to be) the more intuitive method of adding and working into lumps of clay to make a more organic sculpture. Despite this, I found there was something to be said for constructing a building wall by wall, although it is less intuitive and takes more planning of the space and order in which you can join the various slabs together.




While these slab built sculptures could potentially be very perfect and clean in shape, I personally prefer them being slightly warped and bent. I feel this gives them more personality and charm as sculptures themselves, and I envision them being desirable pieces in themselves to be sold. While they could be shown within a gallery, I also think they also fit well within a craft setting



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