SEED – Sedna project – Lighting houses

Now that I have most of my ceramic houses out the kiln, I can finally get to the matter of wiring them up with SEDNA lights. While I originally planned to use a series of sensors and arduino in order to change the strength of the lights, causing them to be brighter and flicker the closer that a person gets to the piece, I have not been able to implement this due to nobody being available to teach me the basics of arduino.

sedna LEDs, wire, a 9V battery and a battery clip

sedna LEDs, wire, a 9V battery and a battery clip

I began with these basic components, and while this may be very simple to someone with any small degree of computing knowledge, for me this alone was extremely daunting.


Thankfully I have had some experiencing with soldering in the past on a handful of occasions, and while I wouldn’t say that I am confident with soldering I was able to manage on my own. This involved soldering the positive red wires together, and the negative black or white and black striped wires together to complete a circuit between the LEDs and the battery clip.


SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI was advised by a first year that by cutting a small section of plastic tube, and then placing it over the soldered wire and heating with a flame, it then seals so that it is more secure and no longer an exposed section of wire


Once the wires are connected up, I could then attach the battery clip onto the 9V battery which lit up the lights! This was extremely exciting to me, even if it is only a small feat, it felt like a real achievement for me.


Putting the lights inside the buildings was not such a technical matter, using masking tape to hold the lights and wires in place



With the lights inside, I must say I find these buildings even more appealing. The pieces themselves are quaint and I feel that they would sell very well, especially in a craft setting. With the lights, not only are they decorative they also have a novel and functional quality, which allows it to appeal to a market outside the art world.



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