Initial Medal Ideas – Representing Change

I have decided to continue with the medium of medals for my final third year project, and my initial idea which was suggested to me was to look at the idea of “change”. When I talk about “change” I am talking in terms of change in self, personal growth and development over time. In talking to Paul Fitzpatrick through the university’s chaplaincy service and someone who I have spoken to on numerous occasions, he spoke to me about the idea of “change” and development and told me that while there have been many pieces of art which look at this area, what is often overlooked is the fact that change in self is not a linear narrative. During different points throughout our lives, we go through different stages of self. Some times being fragile, immature; other times strong, mature and confident; as well as a whole myriad of emotions and states of being in between and aside from these. He emphasized to me that change was a process which often involved repeating back on oneself, regressing, reflecting, learning, and developing, which few pieces truly acknowledge or address.

With this in mind, I have been thinking about ways in which I can address this issue of non linear change in the form of an artist medal.

Initial ideas

Here I am trying to think of different ways and configurations in which a single medal can have a dynamic quality. As suggested in a tutorial at the end of the second year, I am looking at the idea of combining the materials of bronze and porcelain. In these sketches I am trying to think of ways of involving the face and the reverse side of the medal interchangeably, giving a single medal a variety of different outcomes. Both these surfaces would be illustrated, in a manner which can make a comprehensible image in any configuration.

For lack of being able to think of or find any better examples, here are some images of “mix and match” style pictures which illustrate my point


One Comment on “Initial Medal Ideas – Representing Change”

  1. […] be able to be interchanged in order to create different images or narratives (as discussed briefly in an earlier post) but carry a running theme or image throughout as a narrative carrier. However, in order to do this […]

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