Initial Medal Ideas – Rope/Thread as Narrative

As previously stated, I am looking at expressing the idea of personal growth and change in the form of a non-linear narrative, through imagery depicted in a medal. My main challenge at this point is deciding upon what should be the focus of my imagery depicted on the medals. The imagery on the medal is likely to be a pictorial representation of something which is inherently intangible (states of being, emotions, etc) and so finding something tangible that can suitably represent this is difficult. The imagery used on the medal needs to be in some way of a changeable nature, that can have various different forms or compositions which can be interchanged. Not only this, but I would like it to be something with a reasonable level of detail which brings in my illustrative and sculpting skills, rather than say generic patterns.

Working with this brief in mind, one of the ideas I have had is the representation of rope or thread. These come in many different formats, and have a wide variety of uses from practical to decorative. Thread itself can hold many different shapes and forms, from tense and highly strung to loose and disorganised. Not only this but there is then the question of knots, which also have very many different forms and shapes, and in themselves can be beautiful decorative objects with a high amount of integrity and strength, contrasted against a frayed piece of thread which is fragile and tenuous.




dissolving thread pattern

knot cushions

found here


Slatt's Rescue Belt Turk's Head - 3L7B Eternity Knot Celtic Bar Cascading_Water_Bar Tiny Globe Knot Cross Knot Clasped Hands KnotBumble Bee Knot

All of these knots and more can be found here

Taking this as inspiration, I sketched out some ideas of thread related designs for a medal.

Initial ideas string

rope patterns

By using a thread as the imagery for my medals, the design can easily transverse across different surfaces or sides, joining at a particular point making it look like a continuation of the same thread. I feel thread is a good potential symbol for change, as it can be woven/knotted/tangled, and then still unravelled. The thread itself has a entirely changeable form which can hold a fixed or fluid position, yet can always be returned to its original format, and can use the length of the string as a representation of time.


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