Medal design ideas – Stacking

Exploring the idea of having a transitioning image across the surface of a medal, or a series of medals, I made some sketches.

flower pattern medals

There are several elements to these sketches which I think are avenues with pursuing. I am finding designing medals with the mixed media of bronze and ceramic very interesting, and the change in surface through a continued image is something that could be very visually appealing. While I have used a (rough) blue and white flower pattern as means of illustrating the medals in these pictures, this is certainly not a fixed motif at this point and is used mainly as an example to demonstrate a layout or dynamic for the medals. There is also room here for exploration of texture, with one surface being purely illustrated, for example the ceramic surface being flat and painted, with the bronze surface then being carved in relief.

Another interesting idea to come out of these sketches is the element of stacking the medals. As I envision them here, the medals would have an image or motif which would travel across the faces of the medal, and onto the side surface. This side surface, when stacked atop the set of medals in a certain order would form an image of its own. Potentially, the medals could be stacked in a variety of ways creating a variety of different pictures telling separate narratives. Alternatively, the medals could have a particular order in which they are meant to be stack, and the image would only be revealed when put in this order.

While not necessary to the notion of stacking, one way in order to get the medals to stack together is to have them physically fit and interlock, through relief and imprint of surface. This guarantees that the medals are arranged at least a degree of order, facing in the same direction. If the surfaces were flat, they would each be able to be rotated, and if they could then also be stacked in any order this would likely create to many possibilities to be able to create any cohesive narrative or image. If this were the case, it would have to be made very clear which way the medals were supposed to face, and intuitive in how they were arranged.


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