Medal design ideas – Transitioning image

I have spoken in my past couple of previous posts looking at medal design ideas about the idea of having a transitioning image. However, I have been unable to illustrate this clearly without an image or motif to work with. Despite this, I think in image I have had in the back of my mind as a reference and basis for my ideas is a piece by M. C. Escher


“Sky and Water” M. C. Escher

With this in mind, I tried to apply this to my medal designs as a reference to how my designs might work

escher fish transitions

As shown here, I envisage the imagery spreading across the surface of the medal, from one side to another, with the picture gradually changing. While each medal’s image might be quite distinct on its own (in this example, either of fish or of birds), when put together the overlap becomes much more obvious and shows a more subtle pattern emerging that might not be noticable at any given moment in time. In this way, I feel it is representative of the human being; at any one point in time a person may present themselves in a certain manner, their personality and their well-being. However, when looking back at points in their past (recent or much further) they may be near unrecognisable, as well as many transient phases in between these points.

fish medals

I then started thinking in terms of how this design would be applied practically, in terms of combining bronze and ceramic. The most practical solution I could think of was to have a bronze base for the medals, which then has the thinner porcelain layer embedded into the surface. This allows for each surface to have a combination of bronze and ceramic, as well as the oppotunity for the variety of textures between the two surfaces, and the ability to paint the ceramic with glaze. However, it does bring into question the aesthetic of the edge. Will it become very thick? Will it be visually unappealing having the ceramic cut into the surface of the bronze? Perhaps this could be covered up, with a ringed edge; but does this barrier then separate each medal from the next too obviously? Is the edge simply ignored, and acts as a means to an end for a practical purpose? These are all questions to contemplate, and that will hopefully become clearer as time goes on.


One Comment on “Medal design ideas – Transitioning image”

  1. […] the best form of imagery I have to work with as an example. Here we can see my continued ideas of embedding ceramic into a bronze medal, with the ceramic surface being painted delicately and detailed with blue cobalt glaze in the style […]

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