Tutorial with Ingrid – Grave Concerns

Since having handed in my dissertation, and being able to return to giving my project work 100% of my attention, my main focus has been on making a set of waxes in order to cast into bronze. Unfortunately this has been a long and very time consuming process, given that the 5 medals are designed to fit into one another and I am yet to find a way to create this in the waxes without problems. Theoretically, as I am using the same positives in plaster to create the imprints into the wax as the wax positives are cast from, it should be a perfect fit, however I am finding that the imprints are not deep enough into the wax straight out the cast and require much time then hand carving back into them to make the pieces fit together. Not only this, but then attempting to make the surface of the medals flatter as the cast in itself is uneven, as well as the careful carving of lettering into the sides of each medal, is all in all a time consuming yet important process.

In my tutorial with Ingrid however, she told me she was “gravely concerned” about the state of my work given that I still hadn’t expanded on the breadth of my body of work, which was something which had been flagged up at christmas and I still have not acted on. While I agree this is true, and I haven’t put as much thought into expanding the project as I have been pressed to do, it is not that I have been simply resting on my laurels and I have been spending all of my time working on a part of the project that I think is incredibly important, and that needs to be done. I agree that I certainly could have been producing more work post christmas time alongside working on my dissertation, I do not feel that I am alone in that my focus had shifted entirely to the dissertation with project work being put on the back burner with no large changes in the project being made. Ingrid went as far as to say “I would ban you from the foundry until you come up with some new ideas”, which while I appreciate her point that I do certainly need to get cogs turning in terms of expanding my project I think that what I have been doing thusfar hasn’t been a waste of my time or unimportant. Finishing with “I could not be more serious about this”, she booked me for a tutorial with another tutor Huw on Thursday, and I am left feeling extremely shaken and as if I’m on the verge of failing the course.

Back to the drawing board I guess.


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