Professional Practice: New Zealand Visa

After some time to recover from my last plight to find the New Zealand Working Holiday Visa, I tried a second attempt at finding it.


Going back to the original login page seemed like the best place to start


My friend suggested to me that I look at the top at the page, as I was apparently already logged in to the website even though it still gives me the login screen at the bottom of the page. At the top of the page there was a “my applications option”, which we thought might lead me to a screen where I could find the working holiday visa applications, however only this pop up box appeared which never loaded into anything more.


Logging into the generic information screen, we found that instead of following the link to the “working holiday visa” which is on the right of the page, and also under the “work” heading of the page, if you click the “working holiday” on the left side it brings up this pop up window, which seemed promising


Following through the popup window seemed to be the actual visa application, which was a great relief after the frustration of my last attempt, it seems that this application is actually going somewhere!


I was able to fill out all of the application, my passport details (removed from this screen cap for obvious reasons), my criminal history (none) and area of work, however the only area I could not complete right now was the Second Form of Identification. The only one of these documents that I own is a Birth Certificate, which I do not have to hand and will have to pick up from home in order to find the date the document was issued as I’m pretty certain it is not necessarily issued on the actual date of birth.


One of the sections requires me to select my occupation, and after having looked through the long (and in some places bizarre) list of occupations, the one which I felt suited me best was “Visual Arts and Crafts Professionals nec” although I wasn’t entirely sure what that constituted and the list itself offered no explanation for each title. Upon googling it I found this description which covered the australian and new zealand visa application descriptions, and I feel that I cover all of these points comfortably. The page also said that there was no minimum requirement for this title, and I will be graduating with a degree in the arts so I should comfortably fit into this category even though I was wary of the “Professional” title.

So thankfully the visa seems in progress, but currently on halt until I can find my birth certificate.


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