Professional Practice: New Zealand Visa Application

After having found the form, and filled out the majority of the details required in my last post, all I needed was the information regarding the date of issue of my birth certificate to continue. Having gone home and found my birth certificate, I can now finish the application.


In order to submit my application, I first had to agree to the various conditions that I allowed my information to be verified, everything I submitted was correct and that I was not guaranteed to be accepted for a visa.

After agreeing to all of these terms, and submitting the form, I was then told that I had to pay a fee of $208 (presumably New Zealand dollars) in order for the form to be processed, which works out at £99.38.visaapplication2


And with that my application has been sent! When and how I hear back as to it’s success, I’m not entirely sure. But I now wait and hope.


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