Exhibition Construction – Final

After having discussed with our subject leader Ingrid, it was decided that my desk was – in her words- “too desky”, and suggested that we instead use a set of the university’s square shelves and her office desk. Being far more experienced with curation, and part of the team marking my work, I decided to take her advice and dismantled my home desk.



While I was sceptical about the use of shelves and a more clinical desk, I have to admit that it is more visually appealing in terms of the show. However, I do feel that it has lost the quality of being an instillation taken straight from my life and constructed in the show. Despite this, I still feel it looks dynamic enough that it does reflect my personality and working environment, and is still an effective contrast from the rest of the show. I am especially fond of the square shelves, and I think that they are very effective at making each of the books stand out and look striking. Pairing the books with the objects was also an effective suggestion by Ingrid, which I didn’t feel was appropriate for the previous. more ramshackle desk as I felt it would look too crowded and take the impact away from the books with the viewer being more interested in the original objects. However, with the segmented shelved books, I think they act as a perfect compliment to the space, and is I choice I think I would have made regardless of Ingrid’s imput, as I had kept the objects on hand for specifically that purpose.

Unfortunatey however, not all of the objects specifically were able to be shown, as in typical fashion the day before putting up an exhibition show, one of them was lost.


What was originally two pin badges, a London and a Hamburg pin, is now only the one. In the process of drawing the badges the day before the show (as I was completing the books up to the hour of the deadline), I had pinned them to my backpack where they are usually featured. Unfortunately in taking my bag home, it did not occur to me that the badges had not been properly attached, and the Hamburg pin must have fallen off in transit. Thankfully at least the London badge managed to stay intact, but nevertheless it is both frustrating and upsetting to have lost the Hamburg pin. Not only because it is an important part of the show’s display, but because it is one of my most precious personal keepsakes (as illustrated by the show). The London badge was in fact also lost some time last year, and the original badge (as also illustrated in the book), had the word “London” inscribed on the front, whereas the one I mistakenly replaced it with on my next visit to London in fact said “Underground” which I failed to notice as they were otherwise identical. The Hamburg badge however is less easily replaced, as I am not likely to visit Hamburg again any time soon, and I imagine it will be tough to find an identical pin badge online.

Losing the badge wasn’t the only thing to go wrong in the day before the show, and unfortunately in the hour before the show deadline after just having taken photos of my work, the content egg book got knocked over causing the delicate golden thread to burst open at the impact.



Frustratingly, as the thread was so delicate it is a more time consuming and laborious process to bind the books with the golden thread, so I did not have time to fix it for the show. After having consulted with Ingrid, she said I would just have to display the book as it was and fix it for the public showing. Hopefully, as I have nine other well bound books demonstrating the skill and process the broken book will not detract from my mark, and if this were the case I would hope that Ingrid would have advised me not to put the broken book in at all and instead only display nine intact books.

Overall, I think that I am pleased with the display and that it is a more professional looking version of my original instillation, while still (for the most part) capturing the atmosphere of my own personal space, although without the added decoration of other personal objects as originally planned. While it is not what I originally set out to create, I think it does have the benefit of being a more clear showcase of the pieces of work, although it has lost some degree of the contextual setting of the objects.


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